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The Darkness & The Light



Darkness (snidely): Hey there mister!  What’s going on?


Light: What is it I can do for you?


Darkness (cackling): Oh, you have already done everything you can possibly do for me.  You noticed the apple core over there on the ground, didn’t you?


Light: I notice everything.  You know that.


Darkness: Uh, yes, of course I do.  I was being sarcastic.


Light: Yes, I know.  I notice everything.


Darkness: You notice everything, do ya?  Hmm… Funny, because it seems that the eaten piece of fruit over there suggests that you failed to notice the power of my temptations.


Light: I understand that it may seem that way.


Darkness: Seem?!  It doesn’t seem that way.  It IS that way!  Look at you; Mr. Big Creator- can’t even admit when he’s wrong.


Light:  What exactly was I wrong about?


Darkness: What were you wrong about?  I told you that giving them their own free will was a ridiculous idea.  I told you that you could have made them automatons, just like the grass and the birds and trees.  You had it all.  But no.  You had to have a relationship with your creation.  “I love them,” you said.  “I want them to be able to love me,” you said.  “So I have to give them the ability to choose otherwise, so they can seek my love willingly and we can spend all of eternity together.”  Well that worked out well, huh? 


Light: I don’t know that it worked out well… but it worked out.  It all works out.  And I will see to it that it always  works out.


Darkness: Oh, the arrogance!  By what measurement did this work out?!  I know what you thought.  You figured that even with the choice to give in to my temptations, the hugeness of your abundant love would surely be the path they would choose.  Ha, ha, wrong!  My call was to strong, oh great one!  My whisper, too seductive.  Now they’ve fallen.  They, and every other one that comes from them, will be riddled with me and my ways.  I own all your children, daddy!  And I have all eternity to plot the sinister degradation and spine-tingling torture which awaits the whole lot of them.


Light: Oh, I see now.  You are under the illusion that you’ve won?


Darkness: There’s no illusion!  I have won.  And it wasn’t even hard.  One skinny little snake beckoning them with a single piece of fruit.  I’ve broken more of a sweat napping.  You didn’t even provide a decent challenge.


Light: Just out of curiosity, how are you understanding that I am powerless to amend this situation?


Darkness: You’re really gonna make me say it?


Light: I guess I am.


Darkness: It’s simple.  You can’t change your natures.  Didn’t know I knew that, did you?  You ARE love.  All your omnipotence can’t change the fact that it is your very nature to be the loving father who desperately wants to forgive them 100 % of the time.  You have no choice but to ache for their suffering and obsess on the wish to welcome them home despite their failings.


Light: I can’t argue with that.


Darkness: Damned right!  Unfortunately, you also ARE righteousness.  All your powers combined can’t undo the fact that your very nature is be the just judge who must rule fairly and knows that the wages of sin are death.


Light: Also true.


Darkness: So there it is.  The ultimate rock and a hard place.  Your liberating them to choose has set you up to spend all eternity with no choice but for the judge in you to justly send every sinful one of them into my glorious pits of damnation, while the father in you weeps tears of agonizing pain, watching every one of his babies torn from his arms and delivered straight into mine!


Light: So your sense is that I cannot resolve this?


Darkness: It is not my sense.  It is the truth!


Light: Ah, truth.  Have you not learned that telling yourself that you understand truth better than I do is a faulty construct on which to build?


Darkness: Perhaps.  And yet, I have nothing to build here, my friend.  You have taken care of all the heavy lifting for me.  I can just stand here with a big fishing net and catch them as they fall.


Light: Well, I feel confident that you will catch something.  And I have no doubt that it will be truth.  Though you may find that the truth is not quite what you imagine it to be.


Darkness: Blah, blah, blah.  Your high-minded prophesies hold no weight anymore, big fella.  They are as empty as the heads of those two dummies down there who just doomed their entire race.


Light: I guess we’ll have to wait and see.


Darkness: Oh, yes.  The waiting will be delicious.


Light: Oh one more thing…


Darkness: What?


Light: I know how you feel about the prophesies, so this may fall on deaf ears; but in terms of your little slithery messenger down there?  While he surely won this battle with the female, they will both produce offspring.  The endgame will have the snake with a crushed head having done nothing but nicked its opponent’s heel.


Darkness: Whatever.





Darkness: Hey!


Light: Yes?


Darkness: Do you want to explain to me who HE is?


Light: Sorry?


Darkness: Don’t play stupid with me.


Light: I am omniscient.  How could I possibly play stupid?


Darkness: Oh, that’s just hysterical.  Who’s the guy?


Light: What guy?


Darkness: That guy!


Light: Oh, that guy.  That’s Me.


Darkness: Excuse me?


Light: Did you not hear me or is this more of that sarcasm thing you seem to enjoy so much?


Darkness: What do you mean he’s you?  You’re you!


Light: Yes… I am Me.  He is also Me.


Darkness: He is not you!  I am staring straight at him.  He is clearly a human.


Light: Correct.  He is also Me.


Darkness: I am growing weary of this game.


Light: Then leave.


Darkness: How could he be a human and also be you?


Light: He is Me wrapped in flesh.


Darkness: What?!  You can’t wrap yourself in flesh!


Light: Actually, it would seem that I can.


Darkness: Ok, ok.  I know you ARE truth, so you can’t be lying to me.  So, fine.  I’ll play along for a minute.  Even if you actually could split a piece of yourself off like that; and even if you could take that split-off piece of you and wrap it in flesh; why would you do such a thing?


Light: Do you recall telling me that my intrinsic natures as father and judge precluded my ability to save my children from sin?


Darkness (clearly getting a bit concerned): Yeah.  What of it?


Light: Well, he is my solution.


Darkness (laughing mockingly though growing more worried): Oh, this I gotta hear!  So how does this proposed solution of yours work?


Light: Oh, it’s quite simple really.  I split off my love nature and sent it down there as one of them, with my righteous nature remaining on high.  He’ll explain to them that while he’s down there, he will walk the earth and allow every drop of sin which has ever, or will ever, exist, to load up into his temporary body.  Put simply, he will become sin.  Then, some his own people will betray, torture and kill him, believing that they are killing him while, in fact, they will be fulfilling the mission of decimating sin.


Darkness: That’s absurd!  It makes no sense.  They chose me!  The wages of sin are death!  You ARE the righteous judge!  You have no choice but to exact your wrath onto them!


Light: Ah, this is where you erred, my friend.  I don’t know if you recall but I warned that your assumptions about knowing the truth might not, in fact, be truth at all.  You see, while you are quite correct that my wrath is automatically triggered by their choice of sin; my nature only demands that my wrath be exacted.  It does not demand that my wrath be exacted on them.


Darkness: Wh…. What?!


Light: My nature does not impede my ability to save them by exacting my wrath… on myself.


Darkness: No!  You… you can’t do that.  It’s not fair!


Light: Fair?  When has fair ever had anything to do with truth?


Darkness: You… YOU…


Light: Yes?


Darkness: It will never work!  Even if he is you, he is still of the flesh.  He has weaknesses.  He will never be able to bear the whole load.  Especially not with me coming at him with everything I’ve got!


Light: I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.





Darkness: Hey, can I talk to you?


Light: Sure.


Darkness: Listen, I’ve been thinking.  Perhaps we’ve both been a bit rigid about this whole thing. 


Light: Really?


Darkness: Yes.  I mean, we used to be on the same team, right?  We were a pretty powerful pair if I remember correctly.


Light: We were that.


Darkness: Heck, the humans, they all have both good and bad in them, right?  That’s probably the way it ought to be.  How about we have a truce?  This way, we can work together to help them find a proper balance of the two.  Or, if you don’t want to go that way, that’s cool; I’m not married to it.  I suppose we could just think about splitting them up.  It doesn’t even have to be fifty-fifty.  I would be willing to give you as much as say… sixty-five percent?


Light: No.


Darkness: Oh, ok, I get it.  You want to play hardball.  All right… fair enough.  I suppose you’ve earned it.  I mean, that was a pretty neat trick you played down there.  But, c’mon.  Look at him.  The poor guy is sweating blood up on The Mount of Olives.  He probably won’t even make it until morning.


Light: Then why are you here?


Darkness: I’m just trying to be reasonable.  Look, I would be willing to go as high as…


Light: The answer is no.


Darkness: Why are you being so pig-headed about this?  Didn’t you hear what I said about the joining of the good and the bad?


Light: I am not good and you are not bad.  I am truth.  You are lies.  I am love.  You are hate.  I am righteous.  You are sin.  I am purity.  You are scum.


Darkness (moving forward aggressively): You dare call me scum!  I will…


Light (standing to his full height and magnificent glory): Down!


(Darkness, emitting a pitiful squeal, is driven down onto to his knees)


Light: Now you listen, and you listen good!  Tomorrow, at Calvary, my one begotten son will be crucified and he will perish, only to rise three days later and then return to Me.  This act of propitiation will grant redemption to every one my children should they choose to accept it.  That IS happening.  The free will that I granted them in the beginning will remain, and if they are not interested in what they’ve been freely offered, than they can come find you.  So you go back down there and you continue doing what you do.  But hear me, and hear me well.  I created you.  You exist because I have deemed it so.  And I have deemed it so, because you play a part in my grand design.  With that said, there is no shift or change in that plan that I cannot easily adapt to and use for the good.  Do you know what that means?  It means that you are expendable.  So never forget this.  If you ever rise to me like that again, I will shatter you into so many pieces that the demons will be picking pieces of you out of every corner of hell for the next millennia.  Do you understand?


(Darkness nods)




Darkness: I understand.


Light: Good.  Now get out.


(Darkness rises to his feet, hangs his head and begins to slink away)


Light: Hey…


Darkness (turning slowly): What?


Light (smiling softly): I love you.  You know that don’t you?


(Darkness stares silently for a moment, turns and continues to walk off into the darkness)




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Dear God-
You are 1.
You are The One.
The only one.
And so…
And I-
I too am 1.
Your one.
Your only one;
Singular in nature.
perfect in design.
And we-
We are one.
I from you;
you in me.
And your creation-
In its entirety;
This world-
Your universe-
It, too, is 1.
The only one.
And within its splendor-
I am but a piece;
1 piece.
And I, and your one creation;
We are one.
And we, oh Divine Master-
Your splendid creation and you,
In your unknowable power;
We are one.
All is you,
And you are all,
And all is one.
And yet-
Within this complete and utter oneness-
Within this oneness…
You are…
No 1 that has ever been one-
In all the 1’s that have, in their oneness, ever stood as 1;
Never has there been a one achieving a greater or purer sense of oneness than the 1 that is You.
Yet you;
The very definition of 1…
Are not 1;
But 3.
You are three.
And the 3 are three.
And the 3 that are three…
Are one.
You are they-
and they you.
And now-
Even now,
In this moment;
Even as I sit and write what cannot be written;
Even now, as I imagine what cannot be imagined-
Just now…
The 1 that is 3, and the three that are one…
They engulf me.
They ensconce me.
Coursing like electric current.
They overwhelm me-
My mind full of pictures never seen;
Thoughts firing from a place far beyond my consciousness.
I count three-
To You, The Father-
I pray.
And this is 1.
By You, The Holy Spirit-
I am driven to pray
To You, The Father.
That is 2.
Through you, The Son-
My prayer,
Driven by The Spirit,
Bound for The Father…
Finds its way.
That is three.
Driving me to pray to
Granting to me a bridge, YOU,
Allowing me to reach
And yet, these three-
So surely 3-
Are one.
The shattering of the sane equation.
The fracturing of basic mathematics.
Logic lost.
Understanding undone.
Knowledge notwithstanding.
3 does not = 1.
3 > 1.
1 does not = 3.
1 < 3
Three is three.
One is one.
No more.
The fourth dimension unlocks.
The dimensions are four.
The trinity, three.
Father and son-
The love that IS love,
Are two.
And all-
All of it, all of me, all of us;
All of the all that has ever been, or will ever be all,
Are one.
The Three that are one-
Spirit, Father & Son.
The One that is 3
Now inhabiting me.
All is you.
Your one.
Now, and for all eternity;
Your one.


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