Dear God-
You are 1.
You are The One.
The only one.
And so…
And I-
I too am 1.
Your one.
Your only one;
Singular in nature.
perfect in design.
And we-
We are one.
I from you;
you in me.
And your creation-
In its entirety;
This world-
Your universe-
It, too, is 1.
The only one.
And within its splendor-
I am but a piece;
1 piece.
And I, and your one creation;
We are one.
And we, oh Divine Master-
Your splendid creation and you,
In your unknowable power;
We are one.
All is you,
And you are all,
And all is one.
And yet-
Within this complete and utter oneness-
Within this oneness…
You are…
No 1 that has ever been one-
In all the 1’s that have, in their oneness, ever stood as 1;
Never has there been a one achieving a greater or purer sense of oneness than the 1 that is You.
Yet you;
The very definition of 1…
Are not 1;
But 3.
You are three.
And the 3 are three.
And the 3 that are three…
Are one.
You are they-
and they you.
And now-
Even now,
In this moment;
Even as I sit and write what cannot be written;
Even now, as I imagine what cannot be imagined-
Just now…
The 1 that is 3, and the three that are one…
They engulf me.
They ensconce me.
Coursing like electric current.
They overwhelm me-
My mind full of pictures never seen;
Thoughts firing from a place far beyond my consciousness.
I count three-
To You, The Father-
I pray.
And this is 1.
By You, The Holy Spirit-
I am driven to pray
To You, The Father.
That is 2.
Through you, The Son-
My prayer,
Driven by The Spirit,
Bound for The Father…
Finds its way.
That is three.
Driving me to pray to
Granting to me a bridge, YOU,
Allowing me to reach
And yet, these three-
So surely 3-
Are one.
The shattering of the sane equation.
The fracturing of basic mathematics.
Logic lost.
Understanding undone.
Knowledge notwithstanding.
3 does not = 1.
3 > 1.
1 does not = 3.
1 < 3
Three is three.
One is one.
No more.
The fourth dimension unlocks.
The dimensions are four.
The trinity, three.
Father and son-
The love that IS love,
Are two.
And all-
All of it, all of me, all of us;
All of the all that has ever been, or will ever be all,
Are one.
The Three that are one-
Spirit, Father & Son.
The One that is 3
Now inhabiting me.
All is you.
Your one.
Now, and for all eternity;
Your one.


  1. #1 by jeanrichard stevens on February 4, 2013 - 8:09 pm

    It sounds like God has entered you very deeply; did He (They) use protection? Ha ha. Seriously though. Either way, enjoyable writing, fun poetry!

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