The Fantasized Alternative

Your author he sits with a heart that is full and yet yearns for a hope incomplete
My people, so lost, from an error so grievous which millions are taught to repeat
Their stubborn refusal to banish their pride, staunch their victimhood and reverse course
I watch helplessly on as they race for salvation unaware they’re astride the wrong horse
As a Jew I was told that forgiveness could come should I mix up the meat with the cheeses
but the sin unforgivable is the blasphemous heart that makes room for the one they called Jesus
Through my guilt I resisted; my shame built a wall. I made a closed trap of my mind
Yet he moved so methodically, patiently waiting, with a smile, just a few steps behind
Then he pounced, without warning; my cup overflowed; in an instant I was a new creature
At once my redeemer, my hope, my Messiah, my savior, my king and my teacher
And so here i sit, a believer and Jew the pairing our Lord had intended
And yet in the eyes of my people, a pairing which renders my jewishness ended
I grieve their aloneness and wonder, perplexed, how they missed that he passed every test
How the one who was sent to teach them about love was a man that they came to detest
I can’t help but wonder what would it have taken for truth to have crushed their denial
A design which would have them exalt him rather than Illegally put him on trial
This scene I imagine is surely no message of a lack of trust in my creator
For I know while his plan may seem unjust today, its truth shall be realized later
But my small human brain with its limited scope can’t help dream of an alternate ending
As my heart feels so strongly the needs of my people who don’t understand they need mending
Yes, the beheading of Jesus’ cousin pre-dated his death on the cross
This poetic license, I pray, will not serve to impede truth from coming across
I fantasize an invitation sent out to the pharisees one afternoon
For a short chat regarding salvation to take place at 6 by the light of the moon
In handwriting simple, not a single word wasted wrote John, a man sent to Baptize
The letter quite slender and meek in its body held a promise of infinite size
“I write to you, friends, with glad tidings, a message you’ve waited for since the beginning
The power of loving forgiveness to wholly resolve every drop of your sinning”
some doubtful some angry they feared blasphemy from this man they perceived so presumptuous
regardless they came for the chance this was true while small It was simply too sumptuous
they arrived in there dressings and staffs adorned heartily with gemstones and rare splendid jewels
prepared to declare both the speaker and the 1 that he spoke of as ludicrous fools
but they listened intently to him who had called them this man they’d pre judged as a joke
And their faces and attitudes slowly would shift as this humble man stood up and spoke
I know at my word you’d be foolish to take me for there are tests which Messiah must pass
But I ask what you’ll say should this man score no less than 100 percent in each class
I ask only that you be willing, should all the parts fit, to proclaim him The One
And promise to all these good people you’ll rightly proclaim him as God’s only son
I see your heads nodding and thus I’ll assume that we’ve all struck a righteous arrangement
That should I succeed you’ll bow down and succumb to the end of God’s wrath-based estrangement
Let us now read from the scriptures and pray for the guidance our prophets set forth
In much the same way that a compass points up its fine needle to show us true north
Our first of these prophecies spoke and then scribed as a promise we’d soon see unearthed
Tells from the womb of a woman of chasteness must this man be conceived to be birthed
So he was, with an energy, powerful,  holy,  protecting those with him from danger
As his family, absent of earthly resources, settled down ‘neath the roof of a manger
Kings, it was told, would journey with gifts, with the purpose of kneeling in reverence
Having seen a star signaling one from above whod fix for us Gods righteous severance
he must come from Bethlehem; must be Nazarene
he must come from Abraham’s line
He must come from Isaac; from Jacob and heir to the throne to be cannoned Divine
His lineage must include Judah as well as the priest Melchidezek to boot
His tribe and his order must be just this pure to ensure there could be no refute
the man must be meek; he must be without guile. and so far he’s passed every test
I hope I’m correct that your promise declared hes Messiah should he pass all the rest
let us reconvene shortly to see how he’s doing something of a progress report
at that time I’ll support you in stoning him as a false prophet if  by chance he falls short
I thank you for listening now I’ll take my leave for I have much baptizing to do
until that time let me ask our Holy Father to grant blessings to each one of you
A ways down the road the same group reconvened with John once again at the head
Much new information available now. With conviction here’s what the man said:
My brothers, I thank you for joining me here once again that we all may review
And so let us now look at what has come to pass and what God’s been revealing to you
Turning back to the canon of scripture we’re told our man would be betrayed by a friend
That 30 coins would be the price leading him to his capture and soon to his end
What’s more these coins would be thrown down, then picked up and then used to buy a potters field
Systematically each event had to occur for the sin in mankind to be healed
Furthermore, it was deemed that his sheep would all scatter the moment the pendulum turned
And the man would go silently on to his fate. Are these prophesies not what you’ve learned?
Your scholarly acumen answers this question, therefore I must ask you all how
You can justify Christ hanging limp from a cross up on Calvary dying just now?
Did we not strike a deal? Was I foolish to trust you as honorable men of your word?
Do you not see your choice to dispose of this man who had who has passed every test as absurd?
I agree we can’t claim him messiah as yet there are prophesies still to fulfill
How confident are you they’re not coming true as he’s tortured up there on the hill?
For the facts you’re ignoring deserve your attention but none of you men want to bother
To use some discretion to find out if he might be a gift from your Father
And only the blind, the dim witted or those who are hopelessly lost or deranged
Do not know that The Lord does not take too kindly to having his presents exchanged
Now I’ll leave you for I wish to go bid farewell to the man who has aced every test in your class
I’ll return one more time just to see if you managed to find one he just couldn’t pass
I’ll pray for you all as the odds on this gamble you’re taking don’t seem in your favor
It appears that the chances are greater by far that the man you are killing’s your savior
A month and a half passed before, as he’d promised, this man named John came a third time
Just having spent time with The Christ resurrected and feeling a warmth so sublime
Once again he stood up before all of them an energy peaceful and calm
Before this last look at the words of the prophets he read from The 23rd Psalm
Your shepherd, The Lord, brought green pastures before you, and the stream of a water so still
His one son, begotten, to refresh your soul. The meek one that you chose to kill
A path was presented, a path you declined-in the valley so dark you remain
The evil you’ve cast it must full you with fear
For the rod nor the staff can you gain
The enemy coming no tables been set, no oil anointing your head
Goodness and love are not following you
With Satan you’ll dwell when you’re dead
The sinning of Judas and Pilate, his soldiers and Satan were rendered benign
Unconsciously used by the good Lord himself as mere pawns in His blessed design
That their evil, in fact, did support his messiahship, none of them had but a clue
And the prophesies left unfulfilled by these players were tactically handled by you
You murdered him though every one of you studied and taught and knew better than most
That without being slaughtered messiah would be a term that not one person could boast
Of his bones, none were broken, his side it was pierced, and the soldiers drew lots for his clothes
And he rose from the grave three days after he perished and stood right in front of my nose
Now you sit here before me surrounded by people who heard you swear a solemn oath
That you would accept him if proved God and human, and they’ve all seen that he is both.
And my brothers, I see the regret on your faces; I see how you’re filled up with shame
But here me, the good news The Christ has delivered, it tells us that God does not blame.
He does not hold grudges, he does not give up, your mistakes have not turned him away
For debt you accrued from unjust execution, he paid for them that very day.
The Lord, he still wants you, perhaps more than me, for you’re of the bloodline he started
I’ve come to report that he waits not in anger; your Father, he waits brokenhearted.
We’re not far from the water, and therefore you men are so close to a life that’s eternal
I’ll baptize you just after a prayer on your knees and save you from fire infernal
The only requirement be that desire in your heart back the words of your voice
I ask now my friends, how you’d like to proceed, you must tell me now, what is your choice?
As all who were gathered drew silent and watched for a cue from their fair  Pharisees
A few moments later, Each jewel betrothed man humbly edged off their seat to their knees
With a heart full to bursting, John smiled and said “My dear brothers, prepare to be free.”
And then for a moment, he closed eyes and prayed and said “Simply repeat after me.”
  1. #1 by Linda Ann on May 7, 2013 - 3:32 pm

    Interesting…what if truly loving Jesus and practicing his two great commandments: Love God above all else and Love your neighbor as yourself, meant that we attract others to the way rather than promote him as the Messiah. What difference does it make if he’s just a great rabbi and we all end up practicing Love above all else? What difference does it make if others agree with our truth? Isn’t loving compassion enough?

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