So, here we go,

The gospel.

Do you already feel hostile?

I get that,

I do.

I was just like you.

I too

Demanded proof.

Closed off to the concept

Of absolute truth.

But for now, forget truth.

Perhaps we’ll find more utility;

With the broader lens of



Is it possible

You’re exhausted

From falling short;

Desperate to be a winner?

Is it possible the solution

Is that you’re a sinner?

I know;

I heard that word,

I nearly bolted;

I felt jolted,


Bear with me,

just put aside what you think you’re hearing.

You got kids?

So take child rearing:

Ever notice that you need to
show ’em how to be good?

To do what they should;

Assuming that decent people you wish to make ’em.

Yet those same rules
You gotta teach ’em,

They just seem to know how to break ’em.

Is it possible that’s inherent?

Like a toxin woven all the way

Up inside our DNA?

Is it possible man fell?

And the one most bothered

Was your maker;

Who’s, in fact, your original Father?

Is it possible that’s not the way He wants you to live?

Is it possible His nature makes Him want to forgive?

And is it possible that to do so

And deny consequence;

And, hence,

Let you stroll scott free from behaving so bad;

Would make Him the very worst kind of a dad?

Is it possible your being left to the way you behave

Is not an unwillingness on His part to save?

Or that He just won’t budge?

Is it possible that it’s justice

In His role as the judge?

That His nature, while loving,

Is righteous as well?

And the sentence you’ve earned is unequivocally hell?

Is it possible that He’s got quite a bit on His plate;

Seeking to be both your old man

And your magistrate?

Is it possible

This impossible

Threat on the land,

Would require the creation of some kind of God-man?

And is it possible that the being into whom the Lord squeezes

Both His and our nature

Is the one we call Jesus?

Is it possible He displays the width and breadth of His glory

By writing Himself into His very own story?

Coming as a human

With the creators capacity;

And endless tenacity;

And perfect veracity;

To take up all the sin

That ever has been,

And pack it all in:

Every last bit,

And take the hit

For every son every daughter;

Hanging limp and turgid

From a crimson slaughter?

Is it possible that this effort

To cure the depraved,

Had him walk from the grave;

And through resurrection,

Came course correction?

Swapping his perfection

For our alienated fractured position

Last breath as a tear split the temple partition

Delivering the good news

Of God’s rescue mission?

Is it possible that in painfully bearing our load

He laid the asphalt

Paving one holy road?

That seems exclusive,



Makes you feel confrontational.

But is it possible

If you were God laying this out,

To deliver the truth and extinguish the doubt;

In providing your children a highway to heaven;

You’d grant one simple passage

Instead of ten or eleven?

Is it possible

In seeking their worship and praise,

You’d build them an interstate

Instead of a maze?

Is it possible

In your striving to rescue your flock;

Rather than stock

The earth chock

Full of shepherds;

Having each of them say,

“Hey y’all, I’ve discovered the way,

Look and see!”

You’d have one voice


“The way to the Father

Is me.”

I know your brain’s screaming,

“No, this can’t be true.”

But, my friend,

Is it possible

God’s smarter than you?

Cuz y’know, a creator

Who you can outthink;

Probably ain’t one whose cup you wanna pick up and drink.

This ain’t just what I think.

It’s more than a belief.

It’s sweet relief.

Every day;

Every hour;

It’s power.

His power.

2000 years later

And it’s never been diminished.

Cuz there’s no third act

Christ vowed

It is finished.

This is the shalom the good Lord foreswore.

If you want, I can go;

But is it possible

You’d let me tell you some more?


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